Turbulence of sea reminded me of time
a time of enlightenment
a time which calm down my hunger
of this materialistic world
a world where people become enemy
enemy due to envy
envy of beauty
envy of wealth

this remind me of time
when all my hopes were shattered
wrong thoughts prevailed my mind
Thoughts outrageous and blue;
hungry and tired;
discomfort body to comfort the soul.
Turbulent soul.
Wealth and love betrayed
loneliness prevailed.

Three person:
I, a stranger and a vendor.
All three tasted the bitter taste of life.
Stranger leaning outside
outside a speeding train.
He wanted to die.
I was standing, hopeless.
The train slowed and the vendor moved.
He knocked the shoulder
of the stranger.
” please move and let me go to the next train.
I’ve to sell all this.
My kids are waiting for me
in my dear home. ”

those dear words were like
lights of enlightenment.
Words of appraisal.
It raised our soul
raised above this worldly thing.

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Hold the ice in your fist
and sense the heat.
Feel the pain which will run into your vein.
Forfeit yourself out
if you even think to quit.

Run as much as you can
till your heart starts beating faster,
faster than your legs.
Till you feel the thirst
more than a desert.
Till Your mouth feel salty.
If you wish to win,
run until your legs tremble;
if you fall, get up and run again.
Don’t worry about the wounds,
they ain’t gonna pain unless you stop.
And don’t stop until you reach the destination.

Run and break the ribbon from your chest.
Run and feel the pain,
which starts from your legs
and reach you stomach.
Feel the pain in your heart,
sense it from your mind.
Remember you brought yourself into this race,
so its your responsibility
to not let yourself stop.

I may seem to you an insane
coz no one else can sense the pain
which my soul is going through.
I’m chasing my dreams
coz it don’t let me sleep.
Feel the pain which will run through your vein.

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A man will never choose to die
even if he is inside his dreamhouse.
Whatever he has earned,
can’t stop him,
from jumping out of a house;
set in fire.

The world can be re-created
if the God is alive.

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Cheerful morning, cold and breezy
making my day happy and cheesy.
I walked out loading my bags
and hands carrying sweets for god.
I walked against that breeze,
waiving off my hair
and bringing the ecstasy of fresh buds of mango tree.
Soon this blissful ride encountered an eclipse,
when a few bee surrounded me
and entered my hair.
With my hands I knocked them down.
I felt helpless in a matter of seconds
when they gathered and attacked me,
from all around.
All my hopes & plans came to an end.
I rushed, throwing away the bag and sweet,
over the lane.
I ran like a helpless poor- wretched.
My mouth felt salty and dry.
I ran with all my effort,
continuously, blowing them endlessly.
With last hope to elope,
I threw my shirts away
and ran as far as i can go…
I informed my friends and love;
her heart cried feeling my grief.
My friends rushed to me
and at that time they were like god to me.
My soul cried as I felt the pain,
when I removed those stinks and wasp,
pierced everywhere i could see.
Experience was bitter than a nightmare.
I rushed to doctor- afraid and nervous.
He treated me and brought back my conscious.
I went out the hospital happy and less worries.

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A kid bowed a seed into the land,

in front of his house.

He watered the loose land above it.

When it budded out,

he fenced to protect it.

When it became a plant,

he mixed some fertilizers.

Played around and looked at it till his eyes got heavy and he slept.

He prevented it from

local kids to stamp on it.

When it became mighty tree,

it doesn’t required water or protection.

Kid grew up to man;

busy and mature.

And his childish love got old, wearing dusty cover.

As i see this i do feel the fear,

one day my love will also become old ?

Does the passion today I have will be sold?

For the job and responsibility

which is Gold.

I ask myself, as i fear,

will my heart be alone

for most of the time

I’m not home?

I hate that cover of dust which makes my heart inert,

to touch,

to feelings…

There are still kids bowing seed,

and also there are human staying in love.

There a confusion in my Mind,

both love is natural and pure

but yet there is a little difference between the two.

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