Grab an ice and feel the heat

Hold the ice in your fist
and sense the heat.
Feel the pain which will run into your vein.
Forfeit yourself out
if you even think to quit.

Run as much as you can
till your heart starts beating faster,
faster than your legs.
Till you feel the thirst
more than a desert.
Till Your mouth feel salty.
If you wish to win,
run until your legs tremble;
if you fall, get up and run again.
Don’t worry about the wounds,
they ain’t gonna pain unless you stop.
And don’t stop until you reach the destination.

Run and break the ribbon from your chest.
Run and feel the pain,
which starts from your legs
and reach you stomach.
Feel the pain in your heart,
sense it from your mind.
Remember you brought yourself into this race,
so its your responsibility
to not let yourself stop.

I may seem to you an insane
coz no one else can sense the pain
which my soul is going through.
I’m chasing my dreams
coz it don’t let me sleep.
Feel the pain which will run through your vein.

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2 Responses to Grab an ice and feel the heat

  1. Very nice Rahul…One has to feel the pain running in the veins in order to survive this world of competition.


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